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Thursday, 25th December 2014
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Mejorada, 6 others face probe for alleged overpricing

By: Louine Hope Conserva

A DOSE of his own medicine?

Columnist Manuel “Boy” Mejorada, who filed plunder case against Senate President Franklin Drilon for the alleged overpricing of the Iloilo Convention Center, is also facing a graft case for an alleged overpriced laptop deal in 2008.

The Ombudsman found enough basis to proceed with the preliminary adjudication of the criminal case against Mejorada, provincial administrator; Ramie Salcedo, Property Officer; Danny Baldemor, Inspection Officer; Rosalie San Luiz, End User Representative; Patricia Grace Trabado, Provincial Health Officer II and Acting Provincial Nutrition Action Officer; Edgar Piansay, Inspection Officer/ Bids and Awards Committee Member; and Cristina Te, Owner/Supplier of The Seven-Seven Trading for violation of Republic Act 3019 Section 3(e) or the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.

The Field Investigation Office of the Office of the Ombudsman filed the criminal case after investigating the news articles reported in the July 16, 2009 issue of The Daily Guardian and The News Today.

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Village chief gunned down

By: Jennifer Ponsaran-Rendon

A BARANGAy captain was shot dead Monday evening inside his neighbor's house in Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo.

Rufino Bilan, Jr.,, 47, of Cabilauan village, succumbed to three gunshot wounds on his neck and back.

A certain Roland Jordan found Bilan lying on the pavement near the house of Rolyn Trestiza around 11:45 p.m. the other day.

The victim was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead.

Inspector Sullen Domingo, Barotac Nuevo police chief, said investigators have yet to establish the motive for the shooting.

No witness has come out to shed light on what happened to Bilan.

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Rep. Nava blames illegal arms trade for ‘Bilibid gun’

GUIMARAS Rep. Joaquin Nava said he may have been a victim of the illegal arms trade after his firearm ended up in the hands of drug convict Peter Co inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP).

Nava ahd admitted that the caliber .22 gun discovered in Co’s prison cell last week is registered under his name.

He said the gun was registered on January 4, 2012 and its license will expire on November 19, 2015.

But Nava insisted that he does not know how it ended up in Co’s possession inside the NBP’s maximum security compound, suggesting that he may be a victim of illegal arms trade.

He said that in July 2013, he returned the gun to Nashe Gun Store where he bought it supposedly to have it delivered to Germany due to a defect.

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ordered a thorough investigation on the senseless killing of radioman Niel "Lito" Jimena in E.B. Magalona, Negros Occidental last August 22, expect police probers, led by E.B. Magalona police chief, SP04 Leonardo Cobing, to make no stone unturned to solve the grisly crime soon.


We expect a breakthrough in the case at least before the year ends when witnesses start to come out in the open and pinpoint the perpetrators and the masterminds after the Iloilo Press Club (IPC) dangled a P500,000 reward for anyone who can provide information for the culprits' immediate arrest.

We still maintain that Jimena's murder could have something do to with his part time job as police Senior Inspector Musa Amiyong's "runner" or "hitman" during the police officer's controversial stint as intelligence chief of the Iloilo City Police Office where they became widely known in the underworld community as "Batman and Robin."



"Batman and Robin" were hero cartoon characters and partners in fighting the bad guys in society. They tackled their foes in a hand-to-hand combat side by side. One of them was useless if the other was missing.

The Amiyong-Jimena romance that romped off some five years ago, became the object of gossips and constant discussions among coffeeshop habitués in Iloilo City.

How they became infatuated with each other was something that intrigued some rank-and-file cops and fellow radio reporters. One time in a coffeeshop inside SM city, an enraged Jimena punched fellow mediaman Francis Terania "for spreading a gossip about Jimena and Amiyong." Terania, who did not fight back, denied his friend's allegation but theorized "there was something fishy" when a cop and an off-and-on broadcaster form a team purportedly to run after illegal drugs syndicates.



It was not far-fetched for the Amiyong- Jimena tango to hit off since Amiyong is one of the only few police officers closed to members of media in Iloilo City. In fact, he is a "fast drawer" when it comes to picking up the tab for his media friends' coffee and tea.

As Iloilo's "Batman and Robin," they were dreaded and merciless against the small fries but haven't bagged a single big fish despite their well-oiled operations, something that dismayed Amiyong's superiors and lent credence to suspicions they were doing some "monkey business."

We are not saying that Amiyong and Jimena were bad guys and had circumvented the laws or used their power and influence for their own whims and caprices. But one thing's for sure, they are not immaculate!



If he is hell-bent to give justice to his murdered subaltern, Amiyong should disclose to investigators all their botched and successful operations against suspected traders of illegal drugs in the past.

How many arrests have they made during the period of their notoriety as "Batman and Robin?" Who were the personalities involved and how did Amiyong deal with them even if they were known to be untouchables? What is the status of the cases, if there are any, filed against the suspects?

Furthermore, what qualifications did Jimena possess that prompted Amiyong to recruit him to his team? What was Jimena's real job prescription? What step did Amiyong undertake when Jimena was ambushed and survived in 2009 also in Victorias City? What could be the motive of that slay attempt on Jimena's life?



We are glad Amiyong has started to open his mouth. He should talk more and help ferret out the truth. Jimena has been eliminated. Amiyong is still standing—and talking!

Meanwhile, we appeal to some eager-beaver amateurs not to muddle the issue by prematurely pointing to an Iloilo City politician as the possible mastermind in the murder.

We believe Jimena was killed not because of his role as "anti-graft crusader" and for lambasting politicians in his blocktime programs.

These issues are peanuts vis-a-vis the major angles being doggedly pursued by cracked probers that somebody could have double-crossed or hoodwinked someone in a very complicated transaction that turned awry.


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In the year of His Lord

December 24,2014 12:46 AM

(The Wall Street Journal first published this editorial in its Christmas issue in 1948. It has been republished every year since then. )

WHEN Saul of Tarsus set out on his journey to Damascus the whole of the known world lay in bondage. There was one state, and it was Rome. There was one master for it all, and he was Tiberius Caesar.     Read more...

Sugar accounting–7

December 24,2014 12:44 AM

By: Modesto P. Sao-noy

BEFORE we proceed on the demand for accounting of the “D” sugar, news reports say that there is optimism that by February next year President Aquino will sign the recently approved bicameral committee version of the sugarcane bills. Indeed, time has lapsed and the Philippines has not been prepared for the possibilities of cheaper foreign agricultural products entering the country and easing out local produce, price wise.  Read more...

Traffic rules and regulations

December 24,2014 12:42  AM

WHILE we normally don’t entertain anonymous contributions, we have a friend who has very valid points on some issues in the city and province of Iloilo. Here’s one analysis from D’Observer:

Let me start with a question: "why do we need rules and regulations?"   Read more...

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