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Wednesday, 26th November 2014
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Mondejar 90% sure to challenge Gorriceta in 2016

By: Louine Hope Conserva

A MAJOR political battle is brewing in the second congressional district of Iloilo.

This as provincial board member June Mondejar signified his intention to challenge incumbent Rep. Arcadio Gorriceta in the 2016 elections.

Mondejar said he is now 90 percent sure to run after receiving various support and encouragement from municipal and barangay leaders.

Mondejar said the remaining 10 percent relies on the “pulse of the people” if they want him to represent them in Congress.

Mondejar added that he has also received information that others were ‘dissatisfied’ with the leadership of Cong. Gorriceta.

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Ex-tourism chief hits Mejorada on ICC issue

By: F. Allan L. Angelo

A FORMER tourism secretary and president of the Iloilo Economic Development Foundation (ILED) twitted former Iloilo provincial administrator Manuel Mejorada on his claim that value engineering is not allowed under the procurement law to redesign government projects before these are awarded to the winning contractor.

In a statement, ex-tourism secretary Narzalina Lim reacted to Mejorada’s memorandum to the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee on the use of value engineering concept in the Iloilo Convention Center (ICC) project.

The P700-million ICC, a pet project of Senate President Franklin Drilon, is under investigation by the Blue Ribbon Committee for alleged overpricing.

Mejorada also filed before the Ombudsman plunder and graft charges against Drilon, Department of Public Works and Highways

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2 minors killed, 6 hurt in perya shooting

By: Jennifer Ponsaran-Rendon

TWO teenage girls were killed while 6 others were injured in a shooting spree inside a perya (carnival fair) Monday evening in Poblacion, Libacao, Aklan.

Antonina Ricablanca, 16, of Baragay Ortega, Libacao and Sarah Kaye Katimpo, 14, of Barangay Dalagsa-an, Libacao both gunshot wounds in their heads.

Senior Superintendent Iver Apellido, Aklan police chief, identified the wounded as Gilda Nalangan, 37; Jay-Ar Agudes, 21; Clerey Javier, 18, and three other minors aged 14, 15, and 17 years old.

All of them are in stable condition except for Agudes who remains at the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Aklan Provincial Hospital.

Apellido traced the shooting spree to a conflict between Agudes and the suspect, Barangay Kagawad Jonathan Felix of Barangay Hilwan, Tapaz, Capiz

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the avenue


It can be traced back to the juicy position of the Secretary of Labor during the time of former Pres. Corazon Aquino. It could have been for King Arthur but then Executive Secretary Drilon gave it to Ruben Torres. Now you know what that means!

But in politics there are no permanent friends or enemies only permanent interest. Thus, I predict the eventual reconciliation of the two Ilonggos before the upcoming 2013 election. This is not good, however, for Niel Tupas Sr. who had long planned his return to the Kingdom by the River as governor.

The entry of Defensor with the Liberal Party could be good for Sen. Drilon. This may also be an assurance of his solid political leadership among kingpins and warlords of the province. What about its consequences? I just hope this beautiful dream is not a nightmare for others.

Once Gov. Defensor decides to join the Liberal Party, for sure, as a precondition, he is entitled to seek reelection. Because of the equity of the incumbent, this would surely deprive the elder Tupas his dream of a comeback and rule once again the Kingdom by the River in 2013.

This is a dream comes true for King Oca of the First District if the Defensor-Garin tandem remains unbroken until 2013. King Oca knew that he lagged behind King Niel in the competition for expansion of political empires in the province.

The Tupas family has control of the Fifth District and their patriarch has gained a foothold in the Fourth. This was proven in the last election when Niel Sr. ran for congressman against Cong. Ferj Biron. But the parameter of King Oca’s turf is only confined in the First District of Iloilo.

Without Tupas’s interference, the unbroken Defensor-Garin tandem in 2013 elections would ensure the warlord from the First District that in the event King Arthur resigns in 2016, a member of the Garin family could eventually become ruler of the Kingdom by the River.

This is not good for King Niel Sr. But peace must stay that Sen. Drilon must offer an appointive but enticing position the King will accept. If not, another option is to run for Congress in the Fourth District against Mayor Hernan Biron Sr. or son Biron Jr..

There is a growing public belief that the planned transfer of Gov. Defensor to the Liberal Party is the handiwork of King Oca. He is probably alarmed by the expanding empire of King Niel in the province and fears its affect on his foothold in the nearby municipalities of his turf. In fact, Lex Tupas, the youngest Tupas son, has already invaded the city as member of the city council.

No wonder if all the Garins will join the fray in 2013 to stay in tune for 2016. King Oca may field his wife or daughter-in-law for vice governor and/or board member vice versa. His vice governor son Richard may settle for mayor of Guimbal and his daughter Sharon, mayor of the town will run for Congress.

If the transfer of Defensor to the Liberal Party pushes through, King Niel has no choice but to abide with the ruling on “equity of the incumbent.” The Tupases are now “in sequenter” - not in the proper order of succession. King Niel may run for Congress in the Fourth District, but is the prize at stake in that war more worthy than the Capitol battles he has been fighting?

Here’s something for coffee habituates. A neophyte politician wants to challenge Cong. “Boboy” Syjuco but failed to get the nod of Sen. Drilon who prefers Mayor Kadz of Pavia, Iloilo. So he went straight to the temple of gods at the northern part of the island for blessing. A bright boy indeed, good luck Jojo!

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Malacañang ‘stays’ Malones’ suspension

November 27, 2014 01:32 AM

By: Louine Hope Conserva

AN ‘UNOFFICIAL’ document from the Office of the President (OP) halted the looming suspension of Mayor Mariano Malones of Maasin town.

The OP order dated Nov. 24, 2014 directed the Iloilo provincial board to refrain from implementing Resolution No. 2014-392 which meted a three-month suspension on Malones. Read more...

LGUs owe P44M for Aussie sheep

November 27, 2014 01:30 AM

By: Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – Some local government units which availed of the Sheep Marketing and Development Program (SMDP) of the provincial government owes the capitol some P44 million, based on documents submitted by the Provincial Veterinary Office to Negros Occidental Vice Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson. Read more...

Council questions ‘strange’ bridge construction method

November 27, 2014 01:28 AM

By: Wenceslao E. Mateo Jr.

THE Iloilo City Council grilled during its regular session Tuesday the project engineer of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) on the “strange construction” of a new bridge spanning Muelle Loney in downtown Iloilo City to Lapuz area.

Engr. Ormel Santos of the DPWH said the so-called Drilon Bridge is being constructed by International Builders Corp. (IBC). Read more...

Suspect in perya shooting yields

November 27, 2014 01:26 AM

By: Jennifer Ponsaran-Rendon

THE barangay kagawad (village councilman) tagged to a shooting spree in Libacao, Aklan which killed two teenage girls and wounded 6 others surrendered Tuesday night.

Jonathan Felix, 20, of Barangay Hilwan, Tapaz, Capiz, yielded to the Tapaz Police Station, said Chief Inspector Leomindo Tayopon. Read more...

Family of slain nurse in C5 road mishap seeks justice

November 27, 2014 01:24 AM

By: Jennifer Ponsaran-Rendon

THE family of a nurse who was killed November 17 in a road accident in Pasig City appealed for justice and the speedy resolution of her case.

An emotional Dr. Nuela Manzanida, mother of 23-year old nurse Janine Ray Manzanida, said that family members have been consoling her about the passing of her daughter. Read more...

Dumangas’ most wanted drug personality falls

November 27, 2014 01:22 AM

By: Angelica L. Tapalla

ONE of the top suspected illegal drug personalities in Dumangas, Iloilo was arrested Tuesday.

Members of the Dumangas PNP nabbed Cedie Demegelio, 33 of Brgy. Ilaya 3rd, Dumangas in a buy-bust operation.

Police Inspector Charlie Sustento, Dumangas PNP, said Demegelio was arrested after selling illegal drugs to a police poseur-buyer. Read more...

HPG keeps eye on carnap activities

November 27, 2014 01:20 AM

By: Jennifer Ponsaran-Rendon

THE PNP Regional Highway Patrol Unit (RHPU-6) has intensified its anti-carnapping operation in Western Visayas.

This, after the recovery of 20 carnapped vehicles from January to October 2014.

Senior Superintendent Florant Torres, RHPU6 director, said 8 of the carnapped vehicles are assorted cars while 12 are motorcycles. Read more...

The new pharisaism

November 27, 2014 01:02 AM

By: Fr. Roy Cimagala

IN writing this column, I wish to make the caveat that the topic is meant to clarify matters and to warn us of certain dangers that we may not be aware of. It’s not to condemn anyone or any group, but simply to point out that there are occasions when we think we are doing right when in fact we are doing wrong in the eyes of God. Read more...

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