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Tuesday, 31st March 2015
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Burglars hit municipal halls in northern Iloilo

By: Jennifer Ponsaran-Rendon

UNIDENTIFIED suspects ransacked three town halls in Iloilo province.

Senior Superintendent Cornelio Salinas, Iloilo police chief, said only one group is behind the burglary in the treasurer’s offices in the towns of Ajuy, Concepcion, and San Dionisio.

In the three robbery incidents, which happened over the weekend, the assailants used a crow bar to open the steel cabinet and vault of the treasurer’s offices.

According to Senior Inspector Jonathan Pinuela, Concepcion police chief, the town’s treasurer’s office lost P281,290.55.

The suspects entered through the main door of the municipal building and headed straight to the treasurer’s office. They then destroyed the padlock and forcibly opened the vault.

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School principal sues accusers

By: Wenceslao E. Mateo Jr.

DR. Lynette Trinidad, principal of the Mandurriao Elementary School, has filed a civil case against several parents who accused her of misconduct.

Civil Case CV-R No. 11-15 for Damages with Prayer for Preliminary Injunction was filed before the Municipal Trial Court in Cities Branch 4, in Iloilo City.

The defendants are Emily Tribunal, Jeralyn Lactupo, Remia Rapista, Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) president Ricardo Juanillo, Reynan Vergara and broadcaster Jun Capulot.

The preliminary hearing on the case has been set April, 7, 2015.

Trinidad accused the 5 defendants for “falsely and maliciously” imputing on her several instances of child abuse committed against the students of the school through various media including radio, newspaper and rallies.

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Passi City abattoir loses Double A grade

By: Wenceslao E. Mateo Jr.

THE slaughterhouse of Passi City, Iloilo has been downgraded to a conditional Double A status, according to the National Meat Inspection Services (NMIS) regional office.

Citing their recent evaluation, Dr. Maria Ancilla-Zartiga, NMIS regional director, said the Passi City abattoir failed to meet the Double A standards for structure and operations.

“It is now on conditional Double A status for 6 months effective February this year, during which it was subjected to an evaluation audit,” she said.

In fact, the Double A accreditation of the Passi City abattoir already expired on Sept. 5, 2013, the NMIS evaluation audit report dated March 16, 2015 revealed.

The same report did not mention the Iloilo City slaughterhouse as a Double A facility.

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Based on the BIR’s investigation, the PNP paid RJP International a total of P77.25 million in 2007 for the services and parts of the armored vehicles.

RJP International, however, only declared sales and service revenues of P10.82 million for 2007.

The BIR computed RJP International’s total deficiency tax at P46.33 million for 2007, including taxes and surcharge.

The BIR also filed two counts of attempting to evade and defeat taxes and eight counts of wilful failure to supply the bureau with correct and accurate information against the Quezon City-based Temps and Staffers Inc. and its responsible officers, Arturo C. Guerrero III (president and chairman) and Vivian A. Guerrero (treasurer and chief operations officer).

Temps and Staffers Inc. has among its clients Samsung, BDO Insurance and Globe Telecom Inc. Based on the BIR’s investigation, Temps and Staffers Inc. supplied services worth P135.4 million to Samsung, BDO Insurance and Globe Telecom. The company, however, declared only P72.6 million for an underdeclaration of P52.43 million.

The BIR computed Temps and Staffers Inc.’s total deficiency tax at P42.65 million, including surcharge and interest, that can be broken down into P29.98m in deficiency income tax and P12.67m in deficiency value added tax.

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Energreen contract-5

March 31, 2015 01:14 AM

By: Modesto P. Sao-noy

I HAD time and again asked that Energreen or CENECO make available to the public their contract and the supplementary agreement. But it seems that it was to the benefit of both that these two documents were kept among themselves. However since these are public documents a copy must be somewhere. Read more...

Thieves in 3 town halls armed and dangerous?

March 31, 2015 01:12 AM

By: Alex P. Vidal

“Poverty is the mother of crime.” – Marcus Aurelius

THE thieves who recently ransacked the treasurer’s offices of the municipalities of Ajuy, Concepcion and San Dionisio and carted away cash and valuables, could be members of a robbery gang operating in the fifth district of Iloilo.

Based on their boldness and blazing attacks, they were probably organized and not just ordinary bandits. Read more...

Incarnation today

March 31, 2015 01:10 AM

By: Fr. Roy Cimagala

WE’VE just celebrated the solemnity of the annunciation of the Lord, and we’re reminded of that most heart-warming truth of our faith that God became man in the purest womb of Mary to reach us, to be with us, to save us. Read more...

Another ‘first’

March 31, 2015 01:06 AM

By: Juan L. Mercado

CHALK up another stunning first in the just over two years that Francis was elected as 265th successor to the chair of Peter.

Francis has approved a miracle so that, for the first time, a married couple can be canonized together, reports Cindy Wooden of Catholic News Service. Read more...

Same sex marriage – an advantage or a curse ?

March 31, 2015 01:04 AM

By: Edgar Mana-ay

IN THE Philippines, same sex marriage is taboo for all religions and that’s primarily why there is no move by Congress to legalize it. Not so in the U.S. More than 70% of US states now allow same sex marriage, the most prominent marriage is that of Houston Mayor Annise Parker, a finalist in the World’s best mayor contest together with our own Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog of Iloilo City. Read more...

K-12 Program: The Element of Change

March 31, 2015 01:02 AM

By: Dr. Rex Casiple

THERE is nothing PERMANENT in his world but CHANGE. Yes, it is normal to resist change. Education is a form of art that subjects to change.

Many of our K-12 detractors are against change in number of years in basic education. To answer the demand for quality education, demand of the global market and employment in the country, the present administration is proposing changes in number of years as well as in curriculum in basic education.  Read more...

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