Saturday, 7th May 2016

April 29,2013 12:20 AM

By: Gerry T. Pagharion

ROXAS City -- A new mall is slated to open in this city by November, this year.

Lulay Alano, vice president for lease of Robinsons, said in an interview that the construction of the Robinson’s Mall in Capiz’s capital is expected to be completed by the third quarter of the year, two months before its scheduled opening this November.

Alano said the schedule will give the mall’s tenants enough time to prepare.

The 8th Robinsons Place mall in the Visayas, Alano said the 37,000 sq/m, two-storey mall will house a supermarket, department store, restaurants, bank, cinemas, amusements and local variety stores to accommodate shoppers from Capiz as well as those from its neighboring provinces.

Alano noted that Roxas City is their chosen location because it is one of the fastest growing cities in the Visayas.

Alano is upbeat that the opening of the mall, located at Pueblo de Panay, will contribute to the local economy, in terms of giving small businesses a boost and giving more employment opportunities for the Capicenos.

Alano added they also plan to establish a “Lingkod Pinoy” project or the one-stop area of government offices for the public’s convenience.

The mall, she described, will be surrounded by the newly-constructed Roxas City

Police Station, a church, and the new Roxas City Integrated Transport Terminal.
“Roxas City is now ready for a new kind of service; we are bringing in a world-class mall, that is the promise of Robinson’s Land Group,” Alano said.



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