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Monday, 6th July 2015
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LGBT movement seeks social fairness

By: Louine Hope Conserva

BEING lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) is more of a gender identity and not a label, says an expert and advocate of gender.

Prof. Moniq Muyargas of the University of the Philippines Visayas cited several factors that may determine one’s gender, one of which is sexual orientation.

“It is our gender identity that determines our behaviors... But it does not mean that your sexual orientation determines your gender identity or vice versa. They are related but they are not determinant of one another,” she said in an interview with The Daily Gurdian On Air.

“One’s gender is also a choice.”

“Some said that they were born gay. Others said it is a choice. Why do you choose to be straight? Since when did you realize that you are gay? Did you choose to be straight or you woke up on day on the idea that you’re gay?” she said.

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Priest: We respect gay people but…

By: Louine Hope Conserva

THE stand of the Catholic Church on same sex marriage (SSM) remains the same, according to a prominent member of the clergy in Iloilo City.

Fr. Esperidion “Boy” Celis, Molo parish priest, said the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) only approved civil marriage, not sacramental or religious marriage.

“The Court decides on a civil case which is a territory of the government. It cannot compel the Church to accept its decision,” Celis told The Daily Guardian on Air.

Celis likened the SSM issue to the divorce which the Catholic Church refuses to recognize.

“Ever since, the Catholic Church does not accept divorce. There is annulment of marriage if proven that there are problems in the relationship of the couple,” he added.

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30 men rescued as barge runs aground in Antique

By: Angelica L. Tapalla

ALL 30 crewmembers were rescued when a barge carrying construction materials ran aground at the coast of Bugasong town in Antique over the weekend.

Authorities said the crewmembers were about to transfer their cargo from Caluya town to Bugasong when the accident happened.

Barge operator David M. Consunji said the barge half submerged after being hit by strong waves.

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By: Pilar S. Mabaquiao

SAN JOSE, Antique – Student organizations in Guintas National School, Hamtic, Antique joined the nationwide movement for tree planting for the National Greening Program.

More than 200 students members of Youth for Environment in Schools Organization (YES-O) and Students Supreme Council of the said school joined the tree planting activity on Wednesday.

About 600 seedlings of fruit and timber trees were planted in about 1.5 hectares planting site near the school.

Aside from the students, the Parents Teachers Association, barangay officials from Guintas, Dangcalan and Linaban and neighboring barangays also joined in the activity.

Leila Butiong of the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) and NGP coordinator for the town of Hamtic said the tree planting activity is part of the series of activities instituted by CENRO San Jose and the Office of the Municipal Agriculturist of Hamtic in support to NGP.

The town of Hamtic has targeted five hectares as tree planting site under the Tree Park project and has already planted on more than four hectares.

Four schools in the town are supportive of this program, namely the General Leandro National School in Fabrica, Gov. Julio Macuja National High School in Caridad, Guintas National School and University of Antique-Hamtic Campus.

Nelda Eustaquio, adviser of YES-O, and Principal Jose Angel Cordero appealed for community support to this program by providing tree guards, watering the plants during summer months and keeping stray animals away from the site.

This is to ensure 100 percent survival of the trees, said Cordero.

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Feeling good

July 04, 2015 02:10 AM

By: Modesto P. Sao-noy

THERE is an ideology that states: if you feel good, then it’s good. This is not new, of course, but a modern way of Read more...

Fatal blunders

July 04, 2015 02:24 AM

By: Artchil B. Fernandez

THE political configuration is fast changing as election fever spreads across the land. In the last two weeks, Vice Read more...

Relationship between faith and miracles

July 04, 2015 02:36 AM

By: Fr. Czar Emmanuel Alvarez, OSA


Gospel Reading: Mark 6,1-6

OUR Gospel reading this Sunday narrates Jesus’ experience in Nazareth, which has become his hometown after he, Mary and Joseph returned from Egypt and settled there (cf. Mt 2:23). Specifically, the evangelists focus on Read more...

Dear Progressive Philippines

July 04, 2015 02:43 AM

By: Bino A. Realuyo

QUITE a push to put together those two words in the same line, but I am feeling very hopeful and optimistic these days, a historic time in the United States because the Supreme Court just legalized same-sex marriage in Read more...

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